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About Hygimedic medical masks

Hygimedic is a brand of medical face masks made according European standard EN 14683:2019+AC:2019. All face masks are produced in Slovenia. We strive to produce masks which are easy to wear and have high breathability. To put it another way, we try to make face masks which make you forget you wear them.

Masks made in Europe
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A small part of a big puzzle in combating COVID-19 out of our lives.

Safety of Hygimedic face masks

  • Biocompatible (laboratory tested)
  • Non cytotoxic (laboratory tested)
  • Does not irritate skin (laboratory tested)
  • Does not cause allergic reactions to skin (laboratory tested)

cytotoxicity of medical masks

Surgical mask or medical mask type II and type I, white color

Type II surgical mask

Type II masks are principally intended for use by healthcare professionals. They offer more than 98% BFE protection and at the same time high breathability.

medical face mask surgical mask type IIR shadow

Type IIR surgical mask

Also type IIR medical masks are intended for use by healthcare professionals but they protect the wearer against splashes of potentially contaminated fluids. They may (according to EN 14683:2019 standard) have lower breathability (higher pressure difference) than type II masks. Beside standard more than 98% BFE protection these masks also offer artificial blood splash protection up to minimum 21.3 kPa.

Surgical mask or medical mask type II and type I, white color

Type I surgical mask

Lastly, surgical mask type I is made for non medical personnel. Type I masks offer BFE > 95% and similarly high breathability.


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